Let’s Talk About Budgeting Your Faculty Led Program!

Budgeting abroad
  Planning and managing a budget is a difficult endeavor in general, but add to that the excitement and unexpected adventures you are sure to encounter while abroad and creating and sticking to a budget just became ten times more difficult. Not to mention that you will be responsible for managing trip costs for every student who accompanies you! As a faculty leader, creating purposing and sticking to a budget is essential but defiantly not the most glorious of aspect of traveling. Fo...

Ten Lessons I’ve Learned while Teaching Abroad

This post is authored by Dr. Timothy Gupton, an Assistant Professor of Spanish linguistics at the University of Georgia. He shares ten lessons that he has learned as a faculty member working with students abroad in Costa Rica. Did you ever have the chance to study abroad? Have you ever dreamed of it? More university students are studying abroad than ever today, and now more than ever, professors and teachers are going abroad with their students. Teaching on a study abroad program has as m...

Why Should Faculty Teach Abroad?

Why should you consider teaching abroad?
Teaching is an incredible experience and it allows the teacher to learn from other students. Fortunately, there is even a better way for you as a teacher to enrich your life with knowledge and culture, which is to teach abroad. Once you travel from your local classroom to another class in a completely different country, that is when your true adventure begins. For Instance, if a teacher from a small town in the United States goes to South Korea to teach in another school, what will be his...

10 Things to Remember When Creating a Proposal to Lead a Program

10 things to remember when creating a program abroad
1. Create a Flexible Timeline Be sure to do research on your destination and arrange your timeline to include (or exclude) dates around holidays, cultural events or even times of unfavorable weather. 2. Set Goals  Set goals for the trip, this should include education objectives with specific points or experiences that students can take away. It helps if these goals are in line with departmental and university goals! 3. Classroom Prep When arranging accommodations for student learn...