How Traveling the World Made Me a Better Parent

The benefits of international experience on a resume are well recognized, but what about the other benefits? Can studying or working abroad enhance additional, seemingly non-related areas of your life? Personally, I have been amazed by all the ways my time abroad has made my life better, in particular and especially, in my experience as a new mother. Having a family was never on my bucket list—Europe and Asia were. My globe-trotting started with a semester abroad in college and morphed into ...
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Getting to know your host city: Practical considerations

When students (and faculty!) arrive to the study abroad host city for the first time, a bit of practical orientation is in order. Giving students the opportunity to explore and get to know the host city can keep them from getting lost on the way to class, direct their attention to parts of the city that are safe, and provide them with an overview of places they may want to revisit and explore in depth. Sometimes, hiring a tour guide to show students around the city is either impossible due t...
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Why Should Faculty Teach Abroad?

Why should you consider teaching abroad?
Teaching is an incredible experience and it allows the teacher to learn from other students. Fortunately, there is even a better way for you as a teacher to enrich your life with knowledge and culture, which is to teach abroad. Once you travel from your local classroom to another class in a completely different country, that is when your true adventure begins. For Instance, if a teacher from a small town in the United States goes to South Korea to teach in another school, what will be his...
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Five Ways to Help Students Deal with Culture Shock

10 ways to deal with culture shock.
As students and travelers, we've all been there -- dreading the moment when class would end and we'd have to go back to our host family's house where nothing (absolutely nothing) was comforting or even familiar, spending hours on long-distance phone calls with our moms/dads/friends/boyfriends/girlfriends back home, crying because the internet disconnected us from our "normal" lives for even an hour, or even feeling that everything in our host country is amazing and that we never want to retu...
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