“There’s An App For That”

There's an app for that
Smart phones can be the greatest distraction in the classroom, but when the world becomes your classroom they can become the greatest assert of a study away experience. Here are some apps that you can download to make your program or experience aboard easier and even more organized. In Country Apps:  Apps to use after you have arrived at your destination. Where To Go Locates grocery stores, pharmacies, taxi firms, historical monuments and more in over 500 locations worldwide. Als...
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Resources for Emergencies

Resources for Emergencies In light of the recent and tragic attacks in Paris, many universities, students, faculty and providers are reevaluating programs to Pais and surrounding European destinations. While decisions regarding these programs are generally being made on a case to case basis, below are some resources and advice faculty members and universities can reference. On-line Resources: When deciding whats best for your program in terms of safety, it is important to be educate...
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Cell Phones Abroad

In today's modern world the use of a cell phone is essential, especially when traveling abroad. It can be difficult to navigate and understand cell phone use and coverage abroad and it is at the very least a safety promotion to always have a working cell phone. Thus, Scott Ozaroski of DePaul University reached out to his colleagues to collect information and tips about the best way to handle the use of cell phones. Below are responses that could be helpful if you or faculty at your instituti...
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10 Things to Remember When Creating a Proposal to Lead a Program

10 things to remember when creating a program abroad
1. Create a Flexible Timeline Be sure to do research on your destination and arrange your timeline to include (or exclude) dates around holidays, cultural events or even times of unfavorable weather. 2. Set Goals  Set goals for the trip, this should include education objectives with specific points or experiences that students can take away. It helps if these goals are in line with departmental and university goals! 3. Classroom Prep When arranging accommodations for student learn...
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