Me, EDUESPAÑA & the World Cup

The University of Salamanca at night.
by Wendy Williamson, Director of Study Abroad, Eastern Illinois University This summer, I was invited to participate in the 2010 Educational Program for US Higher Education Institutions. This program is intended for study abroad program administrators and foreign language professors, who may be interested in creating and/or expanding faculty-led programs in Spain. Its primary goal is to introduce a select group of educational institutions in Spain to those who are not familiar with th...
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How Can We Help Study Abroad Students Better Prepare For Experiences Evoking Strong Emotions?

by Aisling Meade, Programme Manager, EIL Intercultural Learning Every year we coordinate a field trip to Belfast for American students in a study abroad program. We arrange for them to meet with various politicians, community workers, and organizations to provide a basic overview of the current situation in Northern Ireland and its culture. We often arrange for these study abroad groups to attend service at Ian Paisley's church in Belfast. It offers insight into the community and an op...
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The God Business (a study abroad story)

by Wendy Williamson, Director of Study Abroad, Eastern Illinois University One of the reasons why I like working in the field of study abroad is that study abroad changes lives! It changes minds, but it also changes hearts, as people learn more about themselves and better understand each other. Sure, there are some students who study abroad for the wrong reasons, but there are plenty who go abroad for the right reasons, too. More importantly, study abroad represents a turning-point for...
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