Enhancing Language Learning Abroad

Language learning abroad
Studying abroad is clearly beneficial for students in many ways, but for many study abroad goers, the primary reason for studying abroad is to learn a foreign language. The study abroad environment offers many opportunities for students to enhance their foreign language proficiency that are simply not available at home. The following is a list of ways students can maximize the study abroad environment in order to get the most linguistic experience out of their time abroad: Keep a word/p...

Supporting Undocumented Students

Although studying abroad during college may be a feat for many students given time and cost considerations, there is one student population that encounters even more formidable barriers to study abroad -- students who are DACA recipients. In this post, you'll find a general overview of what DACA is, information about the extra steps these students must take in order to study abroad, as well as resources for more information about how to support these students. It is important to note that th...

Planning Faculty-Led Study Abroad

The most recent Open Doors report indicates that during the 2013-2014 academic year, 62% of U.S. students who studied abroad participated in short-term study abroad programs (i.e., study abroad programs lasting for a summer term or up to eight weeks). As you might guess, many of these short-term study abroad programs are led by faculty. Although researchers have only begun to explore the organization of short-term study abroad programs and the influence of variations in this organization on ...

“There’s An App For That”

There's an app for that
Smart phones can be the greatest distraction in the classroom, but when the world becomes your classroom they can become the greatest assert of a study away experience. Here are some apps that you can download to make your program or experience aboard easier and even more organized. In Country Apps:  Apps to use after you have arrived at your destination. Where To Go Locates grocery stores, pharmacies, taxi firms, historical monuments and more in over 500 locations worldwide. Als...