Open Doors 2015

Study abroad is on the rise!
The numbers are in and they're very promising! Earlier this month the Institute of International Education released the latest installment of its annual Open Doors report on international education in the United States, reporting on both international students and scholars in the United States and U.S. students studying abroad. My focus here is on the U.S. study abroad data, but I encourage you to explore the Open Doors website for additional information about international students and scho...
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Why Should Faculty Teach Abroad?

Why should you consider teaching abroad?
Teaching is an incredible experience and it allows the teacher to learn from other students. Fortunately, there is even a better way for you as a teacher to enrich your life with knowledge and culture, which is to teach abroad. Once you travel from your local classroom to another class in a completely different country, that is when your true adventure begins. For Instance, if a teacher from a small town in the United States goes to South Korea to teach in another school, what will be his...
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The History of Study Abroad

Medieval Students, Marble Relief from the Tomb of Giovanni da Legnano, 1386 (Museo Civico, Bologna) Study abroad is at the forefront of many discussions about the state of education across the world, its goals, and its future. With the richness of experience and learning that is inherent in leaving the confines of one's home environment and experiencing a potentially very different cultural reality, it is no wonder that study abroad continues to occupy a space of increasing interest for educa...
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Greece: A Crucial Foundation for Study Abroad

  Without Greek studies there is no education. - Leo Tolstoy If you are looking for the essential primer for study abroad curriculum, you must begin at the beginning of Western civilization. Would you like to inspire your students, please your administrators and enjoy educational travel? Whatever your field of study you can trace its roots to the foundation of Western culture: ancient Greece. If you follow this subject as I do, you will encounter an infinite number of articles that...
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