Me, EDUESPAÑA & the World Cup

The University of Salamanca at night.
by Wendy Williamson, Director of Study Abroad, Eastern Illinois University This summer, I was invited to participate in the 2010 Educational Program for US Higher Education Institutions. This program is intended for study abroad program administrators and foreign language professors, who may be interested in creating and/or expanding faculty-led programs in Spain. Its primary goal is to introduce a select group of educational institutions in Spain to those who are not familiar with th...

Faculty Study Abroad in Costa Rica

Kathy Bower on canopy tour at Monteverde, Costa Rica
This year I was awarded a sabbatical by Eastern Illinois University, where I am a professor. I choose to pursue studies in my field of research, environmental sustainability, in a developing country so that I can compare sustainable community planning of developing and developed countries. Since I speak only English, I also need to learn the language of the country where I am doing the research. I chose to come to Costa Rica, a developing country of Central America. I am being generou...

Sacred Traveling: How Study Abroad Can Enhance the Interior Life (2)

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel fresco
by Janine Paden Morgan, chaplain and instructor in Bible, Ministry and Missions for Abilene Christian University's ACU in Oxford program <<< Part 1 I want to reflect briefly on two aspects of the human-divine relationship especially relevant to young adults in study abroad contexts. First, it is important for students of faith to have reassurance of a God who is seen as a present companion even in far-flung places, but, secondly, a God whose conception may also need to be modi...

Sacred Traveling: How Study Abroad Can Enhance the Interior Life

In all great stories, from ancient fairy tales to contemporary movies, the Hero’s journey [i] consists of leaving home, encountering the Other (which leads to a personal crisis), and the return home. The common thread throughout these narratives is the necessity of self-examination brought about through encounters with others different than themselves. A much-overlooked dimension of study abroad programs is the impact such a liminal experience has on the spiritual lives of students. For stud...