Pre-Departure Orientation: A Faculty Led Essential

Pre-Departure Orientation is arguably one of the most important, yet often overlooked or glazed over aspects of a faculty led abroad program. It is essential not only for the students, but for the benefit of the leaders. It is a time to set the tone for the program, lay out expectations, procedures and for faculty leaders to get organized and address any concerns or questions. Where to start? Plan ahead!  Coordinate with your study abroad office on dates and times for meetings with ...

10 Things to Remember When Creating a Proposal to Lead a Program

10 things to remember when creating a program abroad
1. Create a Flexible Timeline Be sure to do research on your destination and arrange your timeline to include (or exclude) dates around holidays, cultural events or even times of unfavorable weather. 2. Set Goals  Set goals for the trip, this should include education objectives with specific points or experiences that students can take away. It helps if these goals are in line with departmental and university goals! 3. Classroom Prep When arranging accommodations for student learn...