Let’s Talk About Budgeting Your Faculty Led Program!

Budgeting abroad
  Planning and managing a budget is a difficult endeavor in general, but add to that the excitement and unexpected adventures you are sure to encounter while abroad and creating and sticking to a budget just became ten times more difficult. Not to mention that you will be responsible for managing trip costs for every student who accompanies you! As a faculty leader, creating purposing and sticking to a budget is essential but defiantly not the most glorious of aspect of traveling. Fo...

Chronicle covers how Colleges Coach Professors to Lead Study Abroad

Faculty-led study-abroad programs are indeed booming! While a great option for cash- and time-strapped students, these study abroad programs are not without their challenges. Preparing academics to manage the logistics of foreign travel as well as ensuring that the programs fit into the overall academic plan can be daunting, at first, but far from impossible with a carefully executed plan. Learn how Murray State and other universities have handled these challenges, by instituting a mandat...