Enhancing Language Learning Abroad

Language learning abroad
Studying abroad is clearly beneficial for students in many ways, but for many study abroad goers, the primary reason for studying abroad is to learn a foreign language. The study abroad environment offers many opportunities for students to enhance their foreign language proficiency that are simply not available at home. The following is a list of ways students can maximize the study abroad environment in order to get the most linguistic experience out of their time abroad: Keep a word/p...
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The Impact of Local Current Events on Your Study Abroad Program

We all know that study abroad programs can be extremely rewarding, both for students and for faculty. There is so much to be said for the distinctive quality of immersing oneself in the actual surroundings where an historic event took place, or to take part in a cultural celebration firsthand; the connection is deeper once we ourselves journey outside of the textbook (or tablet), and directly into the context. It is important to remember, as we prepare to take on such a journey, that e...
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Sacred Traveling: How Study Abroad Can Enhance the Interior Life

In all great stories, from ancient fairy tales to contemporary movies, the Hero’s journey [i] consists of leaving home, encountering the Other (which leads to a personal crisis), and the return home. The common thread throughout these narratives is the necessity of self-examination brought about through encounters with others different than themselves. A much-overlooked dimension of study abroad programs is the impact such a liminal experience has on the spiritual lives of students. For stud...
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