Let’s Talk About Budgeting Your Faculty Led Program!

Budgeting abroad
  Planning and managing a budget is a difficult endeavor in general, but add to that the excitement and unexpected adventures you are sure to encounter while abroad and creating and sticking to a budget just became ten times more difficult. Not to mention that you will be responsible for managing trip costs for every student who accompanies you! As a faculty leader, creating purposing and sticking to a budget is essential but defiantly not the most glorious of aspect of traveling. Fo...

10 Things to Remember When Creating a Proposal to Lead a Program

10 things to remember when creating a program abroad
1. Create a Flexible Timeline Be sure to do research on your destination and arrange your timeline to include (or exclude) dates around holidays, cultural events or even times of unfavorable weather. 2. Set Goals  Set goals for the trip, this should include education objectives with specific points or experiences that students can take away. It helps if these goals are in line with departmental and university goals! 3. Classroom Prep When arranging accommodations for student learn...

Boston Area Study Abroad Association (BASAA) Conference, Spring 2015

This Tuesday, April 21st, FacultyAbroad was delighted to attend the 2015 Annual Spring Conference held by the Boston Area Study Abroad Association (BASAA), hosted this year at Simmons College in Boston, MA. The Conference brought together over 120 professionals from the field of international education for a day of professional networking amidst seven engaging presentations hosted by attendees representing several U.S. educational institutions including the University of Kentucky, Babson ...

Greece: A Crucial Foundation for Study Abroad

  Without Greek studies there is no education. - Leo Tolstoy If you are looking for the essential primer for study abroad curriculum, you must begin at the beginning of Western civilization. Would you like to inspire your students, please your administrators and enjoy educational travel? Whatever your field of study you can trace its roots to the foundation of Western culture: ancient Greece. If you follow this subject as I do, you will encounter an infinite number of articles that...