International experiences are powerful – studying abroad can change lives in ways that staying home cannot. That’s why we love international education — why we are committed to evolving it and infusing it into higher education’s framework.

We want you to do more than spend your career on the same campus, repeating the same things over and over again to a classroom full of students who would rather be doing something else. We want to shake up and invigorate your spirit and passion for teaching in the world, and we want you to rub off on your students. We want to change lives and communities for good.

For some reason you found us to help you develop a faculty-led program, get involved in international education, manage a study abroad office, attract more students, smell and taste the world, get out of town as fast as you can, change your scenery, reorganize your destiny, meet others like you, or convince your university of the importance of education abroad.

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