“There’s An App For That”

There's an app for that

Smart phones can be the greatest distraction in the classroom, but when the world becomes your classroom they can become the greatest assert of a study away experience. Here are some apps that you can download to make your program or experience aboard easier and even more organized.

In Country Apps: 

Apps to use after you have arrived at your destination.

Where To Go

Locates grocery stores, pharmacies, taxi firms, historical monuments and more in over 500 locations worldwide. Also provides turn by turn directions, suggestions and is fully customizable.

Around Me

Uses your location to find restaurants, gas stations, hotels, hospitals and more. Allows users to see places on a map and provides a suggested route.

Trip Boss Expense and Budget

Keeps track of your spending and allows for currency conversion as well as the option to photograph receipts for reimbursement.


Booking Apps:

There are many Apps to manage flights, hotels and other bookings or reservations for you and your whole group.


-Gate Guru





Preparation Apps: 

Apps to assist you before you arrive at your destination.

Healix Travel Oracle

Provides users with global safety and security information, includes risk profiles for over 200 countries and a SOS feature that can notify your emergency contacts as well as emergency professionals of your whereabouts.


Plan, share and organize your reservations and itinerary, includes the options to share to Facebook or LinkedIn.


Communication and Translation Apps:

Apps to help you stay in touch with professionals at your university and students not the program.






-Vonage Mobile

Apps to help you connect with locals and in country professionals, regardless of any language barrier.

Google Translate

Type or speak words to be translated, access your translation history and even hear your translations repeated or spelled for Non-Latin languages.


Share translations to social media including words and full sentences using the power of both Google Translate and Bing.

Word Lens

Translate in real-time using the camera on your smart phone, words and signs are instantly translated by holding up your camera.


Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mr_t_in_dc/  ( no alterations made)

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