Getting to Know Your On-Site Program Coordinator

As customized, faculty-led study abroad programs increase in popularity, the support behind these programs increases in sophistication.  Gone are the days that faculty find themselves in a foreign country for the first time, with a class of students counting on them for their well-being and as their tour guide.  Instead, many university study abroad offices are utilizing private companies that specialize in supporting university students and faculty abroad to provide travel planning and supp...

Let’s Talk About Budgeting Your Faculty Led Program!

Budgeting abroad
  Planning and managing a budget is a difficult endeavor in general, but add to that the excitement and unexpected adventures you are sure to encounter while abroad and creating and sticking to a budget just became ten times more difficult. Not to mention that you will be responsible for managing trip costs for every student who accompanies you! As a faculty leader, creating purposing and sticking to a budget is essential but defiantly not the most glorious of aspect of traveling. Fo...

Wofford Faculty Study Abroad

It is not often that we college professors are asked to step into the shoes of students in order to see the world from their point of view, but that is just what the Wofford College Milliken Faculty Seminar Abroad does.  Each year one fifth of the faculty is invited to travel abroad to a destination where our students study for the express purpose of seeing what their experience is like! The program began in January 2009 when 13 faculty members visited  Buenos Aires, Argentina, and continued ...