Getting to Know Your On-Site Program Coordinator

As customized, faculty-led study abroad programs increase in popularity, the support behind these programs increases in sophistication.  Gone are the days that faculty find themselves in a foreign country for the first time, with a class of students counting on them for their well-being and as their tour guide.  Instead, many university study abroad offices are utilizing private companies that specialize in supporting university students and faculty abroad to provide travel planning and supp...

10 Things to Remember When Creating a Proposal to Lead a Program

10 things to remember when creating a program abroad
1. Create a Flexible Timeline Be sure to do research on your destination and arrange your timeline to include (or exclude) dates around holidays, cultural events or even times of unfavorable weather. 2. Set Goals  Set goals for the trip, this should include education objectives with specific points or experiences that students can take away. It helps if these goals are in line with departmental and university goals! 3. Classroom Prep When arranging accommodations for student learn...

Faculty Study Abroad in Costa Rica

Kathy Bower on canopy tour at Monteverde, Costa Rica
This year I was awarded a sabbatical by Eastern Illinois University, where I am a professor. I choose to pursue studies in my field of research, environmental sustainability, in a developing country so that I can compare sustainable community planning of developing and developed countries. Since I speak only English, I also need to learn the language of the country where I am doing the research. I chose to come to Costa Rica, a developing country of Central America. I am being generou...

Faculty-Led Program Development Guide

What is a Faculty-led Program? A Faculty-led program is type of study abroad experience that consists of one or more credit-bearing, study-travel courses along with a sequence of group activities, organized excursions, and cultural encounters. Faculty-led programs are led by college professors and usually last between one to eight weeks. Benefits of Faculty-led Programs This study abroad model exposes students to a variety of environments and fosters strong mentoring relationships between f...