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Study Abroad 101 Study Abroad 101by Wendy Williamson is a brilliantly conceived and expertly presented introduction providing specific, concise, informed and informative answers to 101 direct questions about study abroad” (Midwest Book Review). Completely revised, and nothing short of a masterpiece for the millennial student, this book presents everything US college students need to know about Education Abroad, from before they select a program to after they return, through 101 easy-to-navigate sections. It is highly recommended for education abroad students, advisors, faculty, orientations, and courses.
Study Abroad: How to get the most from your experience Study Abroad: How to Get the Most Out of Your Experience is a great book for students. “It spells out for them what we educators think is , important, and hope they will accomplish, and, more important, it does this in a way that is not condescending and is unlikely to be off-putting to students.” — William Cressey, Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, Council on International Educational Exchange
Maximizing Study Abroad Maximizing Study Abroad: A Student’s Guide to Strategies for Language and Culture Learning and Use helps students, program professionals, and language instructors make the most of study abroad opportunities through strategies for language and culture learning and use. Research is currently being conducted to determine the effectiveness of these targeted support materials on study abroad outcomes.
Travel as a Political Act Travel as a Political Act is a great new book for students to read. There’s more to travel than good-value hotels, great art, and tasty cuisine. Americans who “travel as a political act” can have the time of their lives and come home smarter—with a better understanding of the interconnectedness of today’s world and just how our nation fits in.
The Sage Handbook of Intercultural Competence The SAGE Handbook of Intercultural Competence brings together in one volume the leading experts and scholars from a variety of fields (e.g., education, communication, psychology, social work, health care, conflict studies, etc.) and from around the world who do work in intercultural competence (defined as appropriate and effective communication, as well as behavior, in intercultural situations). Given the current and future focus on global workforce development, and on globalization in general, this Handbook examines the skills, attitudes, and knowledge needed in our ever diverse world.
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